Surprise your loved ones in Hyderabad with fresh blooms


In the current world, almost nobody wants to go through the hassle of shopping from local stores. The rise of e-commerce is apparent in recent years, and the increase in the number of online stores is a testament to the fact that customers now find it easier and more convenient to buy things online. No wonder why; shopping online saves us a lot of time indeed. In addition to the comfort of browsing from home, customers can get a lot of unique products that wouldn’t have been possible with offline local shops. The most important thing to note when judging the ease of online shopping is the convenience of online delivery. Earlier, it would have been impossible to even imagine that gifts would get delivered on the same day of ordering. Oyegifts offers this chance to their customers through the option of express delivery, and it also segregates their thousands of gifts into separate divisions meant for different occasions. For example, there are different groups of gifts for Diwali, Rakhi, and other personal events like birthdays and anniversaries. On top of that, this gifting portal does have thousands of gifts in its shop, each is unique and of premium quality.

The significance of flower bouquets as gifts

It’s rare to find someone who dislikes flowers, as they are beautiful and can celebrate the various emotions of our daily lives. People have attached different meanings to the various forms and colours of flowers for centuries. The beautifully arranged flower bouquets make wonderful gifts for our loved ones and we can rest assured that bouquets will do the job of cheering them up. From birthdays to special festivals, flowers hold an important place in our homes. Especially in Indian homes, flowers hold special significance as they have associations with various gods and goddesses in our mythology.

Even if your loved ones reside in Hyderabad, Oyegifts can guarantee the timely delivery of fresh flower bouquets. In fact, they deliver gifts all over the cities of India.

Ideas for flower bouquets

There are thousands of kinds of flowers and they have different varieties too. They have various meanings and not all flowers are appropriate for a certain occasion. It is better to be familiar with the type of flowers and their meanings before deciding on a flower bouquet gift. In this list, there are a couple of ideas for bouquets.

Sunflower bouquets

Sunflowers are vibrant and they are great for lifting spirits! Their appearance is of a bright and cheery nature and they look warm due to their sun-like looks. These flowers have different sizes, they can range from being small to very large. Commonly, sunflowers are known to be yellow, but they are known to have red petals too. These flowers are a symbol of loyalty and adoration and so it makes a great gift to your loved ones. They carry with them a unique kind of splendour and have also been used as a religious symbol in history.

Rose bouquets

Rose bouquets are perhaps the most popular choice when it comes to events like Valentine’s Day and such. Vibrant red roses convey love and passion, and they have done so for centuries, and they make an appropriate gift for romantic declarations. Red roses may be popular, but there are more than 20,000 varieties of this flower, and florists always tend to incorporate roses in their bouquets. The number of roses as well as their different colours carry different meanings.

Lily bouquets

Lilies have different varieties, and each of them is said to have different meanings. Lilies are sweet and innocent-looking flowers and especially white lilies symbolize and denote the emotions of purity and rebirth. These fresh flowers tend to bring about the rejuvenation of the soul. Similar to the red rose, red lilies are the symbols of love and passion, while pink ones are symbols of femininity and admiration. There are orange and yellow varieties too, but oriental lilies are rumoured to have the best and fresh fragrances.

Gladiolus bouquets

These are perhaps not as popular as roses or lilies, but the gladiolus flowers are beautiful and they make wonderful arrangements. They are used to express integrity and faithfulness, and sometimes even deep admiration. They have a good gift for your loved ones at events like Valentine’s Day. They come in a variety of colours such as purple, red, yellow and white, and they each carry various meanings for the recipient.


Delphiniums are gorgeous flowers and they mainly come in shades of purple and blue and truly their beauty is unbeatable. They come in other colours too like pink and white. These flowers are sued to convey cheerfulness and joy as well as goodwill.

Oyegifts have different varieties of lowers at remarkable prices and they always guarantee the delivery of fresh flowers within the allotted time.

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