Prank Can Pull You At Home


Whether everyone has a child in his or her heart, no matter whether the person is an adult one or whether a child. Whether everyone wants to do pranks on other people. Whether some people want to do pranks on other people outside the home. Whether in the public place as well, which is best for pranks. Whether sometimes when anyone does prank in a public place or another place. Whether sometimes people or that person who plans a prank. Whether the person made damage at that place or whether the things, which are available there. Whether the person has to give some money, whether as the composition of that thing. So the best place to do pranks is at home. You can do the prank at home, which is the safest place for you. Whether you have any type of damage while performing any prank on anyone. Then you don’t have to worry, because it’s your home. If any type of damage happens, then you do not need to give money at that present time. Whether you can buy that thing when you have money to buy that thing.

Fake damage

You know, when a prank looks like a real incident. When any type of damage happens, whether the damage of the things or whether damage of the person. Whether like a person got injured, whether doing anything. Whether you can fake damage to anything in the home, and make pranks related to that. Whether you can keep down ice cream on the floor, whether you can choose. Whether you can buy fake ice cream online as well, do online rakhi and flowers shopping. Whether the ice cream is real or fake, which helps you to make a prank. Whether the person set up on that ice cream, which you keep down on the floor. Then you can say that you ruined all my ice cream. Whether you can give that fake ice cream to that person, who you want to be a prank. Whether when that person walks a step, then the ice cream melts, and your pranks are successful. Whether that type of prank you can pull only at home.

Watered down drink

Whether there is this type of prank you can do only in your home. Whether you think, why I am saying that then you get to one in a few minutes. Whether you can add food color, whether in simple water. Whether that makes simple water like a juice or other drink. Whether when a person who you want to make a prank, see that watered-down drink. Then that person thinks that the drink is juice. When that person drinks that juice, which is water in real then that person got a prank. Whether that type of prank you can only do at your home. Because any cafe or hotel don’t allow it, you do that thing whether in that place.

Ants come marching

What is your reaction, when you see some insect marching towards your food? Whether marching towards that place, where you sleep whether on your bed or whether on your toilet seat. Then what is your reaction, you want to remove that insect. But when you try to remove that insect, then that insect wants to be removed. Because that insect is not a real one, because someone has a place that fake insect whether in that places. Whether you can keep the fake ant in the gift as well, which comes from online gifts and anniversary flowers delivery. Whether you can have ants like insects for your prank because that insect looks real. Whether people like to remove that ant, whether from all the place. Whether this type of prank you can have only at your home, because not in other places allows you to do this type of prank. Because they feel that their place got dirty because of that.

Early wake up

Many people like to sleep late in the morning. So you can pull a prank on that type of person, whether by setting up an early alarm in the alarm clock. Whether you can hide the alarm clock in their bedroom as well. Whether you can decide which time you want to do a prank on that person. Whether when you do this prank on the person, then the person went very angry with you. Whether this is gonna happen for sure, which you have to think about before doing a prank.

So there are many prank ideas, which you can do at home. Whether because the home is the best place for the prank because the other place is not suitable for your prank. Sometimes the place which you go to is very big for you. So you do not want to take any type of risk. That’s why you want to do pranks at home.

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