Importance of Employee Verification During Recruitment: All You Need to Know


The process of hiring new employees is a significant investment for any organisation. Irrespective of the type of business, employees play an essential role in defining the organisation’s overall success. Companies engage in a well-defined recruitment process, hoping the new hires will continuously deliver great work for a long time and positively impact the business.

However, even with a lot of planning and structure, bad hires happen. The best thing to do in such a scenario is to quickly realise your mistake, resolve a problematic situation and make the effort of rehiring for the role as soon as possible.

And this is where employee verification comes into the picture!

Let us now explore the process of pre-employment verification in more detail and discuss why it is an integral part of the recruitment process.

What Is Employee Verification And What All Is Covered In It?

Employee verification or background check collects a variety of information on potential candidates from various public and private databases. This is done to generate an easy-to-understand and verified report on the applicant to review and make good hiring decisions.

A pre-employment employee verification ensures the candidate is genuine and doesn’t have an unscrupulous past. And the more information you have, the more confident you’ll be that you’re hiring the right candidate.

Among the things that are covered in employee verification include:

  • Identity verification–This check is done to confirm whether the applicant has provided accurate identity details or has legal rights to work in the country.
  • Employment history–Employment history is checked to verify the accuracy of employment details given by the candidate. The verifier checks the type and nature of companies the applicant was employed with and for how long.
  • Education background–Similar to employment history, education background verifies the accuracy of the degrees and universities on the candidate’s resume.
  • Criminal history–Criminal history is checked to verify if the applicant has been convicted of a crime, has any outstanding warrants, or if they are on a government watchlist.
  • Credit check–Credit checks are done to verify if the applicant is financially responsible. This is especially critical if they will have access to company finances.

Benefits of Employee Verification

A comprehensive employee background verification in India has multiple advantages that can affect the company’s bottom line overall. Among some of these are-

Ensure Hiring of Qualified Candidates

A thorough employment verification process can help you assess the potential candidate’s existing skills, experience, knowledge, personality, and work ethics. Knowing all this critical information ensures that you make the right choice of hire.

Safeguards Company Assets

A thorough pre-employment background check of employees is a great way to ensure the safety of companies’ reputation. Without attempting a comprehensive check on the financial and criminal records of the employee, it would be difficult for the company to know about their past. The pre-screening test can help in such cases.

Hiring employees with a bad reputation can not only affect a company’s reputation and reliability but also impacts the bottom line negatively.

Saves Time and Energy

While the importance of the employment verification process at the time of hiring is immense, it is a tedious and cumbersome process at the same time. It requires a great deal of administrative work and a lot of precious time.

By choosing a third-party administer/screening company to manage the end to end employee verification process, you can ensure to save a lot of time and energy.

Helps to Keep Your Workplace Safe

The importance of keeping your employees, customers and organisation safe during recruitment is immense. Employee verification and checks help you keep your workplace safe and save you from hiring any problematic individuals.

Avoid Bad Hires 

Hiring the wrong candidate can prove very costly and frustrating for the organisation. Partnering with a qualified third-party service provider to conduct a thorough background check before hiring someone can ensure that you only hire the right candidate.

How to Choose Company For Conducting Employee Verification?

Without the experience and expertise of a professional background check service provider, it becomes difficult for employers to collect relevant information about potential candidates from all the necessary sources. Choose one which offers the following:

  • Speed & Accuracy – Choose a company with a high level of automation that allows them to provide a fast turnaround and lowest dispute rate in the industry.
  • Cutting-edge Technology– See if the company offers instant background verification using cutting-edge technology such as aadhar-based eKYC, GPS enabled tech and much more.

You can go for companies like AuthBridge to get the best verification experience.

AuthBridge is a well-known name in the industry that offers robust background check services. The company follows all the necessary regulations so that hiring companies can be sure of being fully compliant. With their employee background verification in India as part of a comprehensive pre-employment screening process, you can make informed hiring decisions.


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