How To Choose Perfect Cardboard Ornament Boxes For Durability


Choosing boxes for your precious ornaments can seem like an easy job at first, but some things need to be taken care of. These Cardboard Ornament Boxes are meant to secure your ornaments, so they need to be durable in nature. Now, to make sure that these are fully durable, you need to have certain qualities in them. Let us take a look at some of these qualities that are mentioned below.

The Thickness Of The Cardstock

The most important thing that ensures the safety inside Cardboard Ornament Boxes is the thickness of the sheet used for making the box. Ideally, the more thick a sheet is, the more secure it will be. But keep in mind that do not go overkill with thickness. Having too much thick sheet will result in a heftier packaging and can cost you more as well. So having the right thickness is important. You can contact your supplier in terms of suggestions, and they can guide you better. These thicker sheets are good for absorbing any stresses that a box might carry while being handled by the shipment crew. It ensures that the product reached the customers in brand new condition; that is vital for a good customer experience. Besides durability, this high-thickness also results in a more premium look and feel too.

The Shape And Size

The shape and size of the packaging might seem like more of an aesthetic property, but in reality, it affects the durability too. This is because if the packaging is too big and the ornament inside it too loose or small, it can result in a breakage of the ornament. Similarly, having a shape that mirrors the product is a good option for the safety of the product. However, not every attractive shape is safe too. For example, a round box might look more attractive; but it does not have the structural stability of a cubical box. So make the decision wisely based on two factors, the size of the box and the ease with which the product fits in it. This will make sure that this luxurious item stays safe throughout its journey.

Custom Inserts Increase Durability

Custom inserts are another popular choice to secure the products inside a box and increase the durability of it. These custom inserts can also be made with materials like cardboard and prove to be very durable. They tightly hold these precious items inside the box and prevents them from any damage that the box faces. Hence, for companies that are shipping these ornaments to customers far away, they use these custom inserts to augment the protection abilities of the packaging. These custom inserts not only increase the durability of the packaging; but also help with better use of the space inside the box. So you can fit more ornaments inside the box if space is divided well.

Lamination Resists Moisture

One other thing that can damage any product inside the packaging is the moisture around the product. This is especially true for shiny objects like ornaments, which can lose their luster if they are exposed to moisture for longer periods of time. To counter this problem, the industries came up with the idea of lamination on these packages, which adds a protective layer on the outside of the box. This stops the moisture from getting inside the packaging, and the ornaments inside can stay as good as new for a long time. This lamination can be of a vinyl layer, which is also known for providing some water resistance to the packages. Apart from its protection against moisture, it also acts as a lustrous layer on the packaging, which goes perfectly with the shiny nature of the ornaments.

The Storage 

These packages arrive at the retailers in flat forms. This helps store a large number of packages in the stores. But it is important to choose a location of storage that is the perfect fit for such packages. This can be either indoors or outdoors. It again depends on the packaging to packaging about where it can be stored to retain its qualities. This will help the retail stores to make these packages in a matter of seconds and serve the customers as soon as possible. If these packages are not stored in good conditions, these can turn out to be very soft and, therefore, will not be an ideal fit for the products.

After reading the article, you must be clear about what you should do to get durable Cardboard Ornament Boxes. These qualities will not only protect your ornaments but will also be beneficial for your company. So, now is the time to get in touch with your local supplier; and get started with the production of these packages.

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