How to Build Self Confidence – 10 Simple Steps


We all have heard how confidence is sexy and there is no beauty or ornament better adorn than confidence. While the hype about confidence may get annoying it is true that you look your best self when you are confidence. After all we all have been created in the best shape, color, body type and structure but the one thing we tend to lose is confidence over fake beauty standards.

Any expert will tell you that beauty is not about being size zero, nor it is about those flashy glossy lips or expensive clothing, but beauty is just being your best self without any excuse of fault. This article will help you discover that inner energy of yours and use it to transform your self-esteem into the best thing about you.


While this may sound contradictory to the fact that you are not your grades or job status but this isn’t what we mean by accomplishments. By linking confidence to accomplishments it means to feel better about yourself. Whether it is something as simple as setting your wardrobe or cleaning your desk, getting that workout done or having a dinner with friends, you must be able to set some tiny or even big goals and just accomplish them. As soon as you find yourself running and achieving things, you will feel better about yourself.

Love Yourself

How many times have we wrote this simple two worded phrase on new year’s resolution bur forgotten it? The truth is only you can love yourself or nobody else will. If you want people to respect you, value you, or admire you then you must begin by doing all those things for yourself. Sure it is hard to give yourself a pep talk but you could start with influencers. By getting positive influence you will find a difference in your mindset. Even if charges an arm and leg, you can always use CC Clarke coupons to get inspiration from one of the best all-rounder in life.

Track your Progress

Breaking down your objectives, big or little, into smaller goals and keeping track of your progress is the greatest method to achieve them. Whether you’re aiming to be promoted, obtain a better job, get into graduate school, change careers, eat healthier, or lose 10 pounds, keeping track of your progress is the greatest way to determine if you’re making progress.

Right Thing

We all have a gut that silently appreciates us for doing good things and scolds us silently after doing bad. You must have heard that takers eat better but givers sleep better and this is true with all affairs of life.

Most self-assured individuals live by a set of values and make decisions based on those values, even when it’s difficult and not always in their best interests, but for the larger good. Your character is defined by your actions and decisions. Focus on becoming the best version of yourself and you will love the confidence it brings to you.

Leave that Fear

Failure isn’t your problem; it’s the fear of failure that holds you back. You’ll feel overwhelmed if you set huge objectives and have big aspirations, and you’ll inevitably feel like you can’t achieve it. In those moments, you must go deep within yourself, muster every ounce of bravery you possess, and simply keep going.

Consider how much you want to attain your objective, then set your fears aside and take one day at a time.

Stop that Comparison

Social media has in one way or another made us all depressed and sad. The reason behind it is the way we perceive it. Comparisons aren’t good, whether it’s comparing how you appear to your Facebook friends or comparing your pay to your friend’s income.

People who compared themselves to others were shown to be envious, according to research. And the more jealousy people felt, the worse their self-esteem became.

Positive Thoughts

Our mind is like a machine, it delivers what we feed it. If you feed your brain positivity, all it will give are positive thoughts. Positive thinking can show itself in a variety of ways. To begin, shift your emphasis — the more you focus on something, the more it takes up space in your life.

Rather than focusing on all of the ways something may go wrong, consider all of the ways it could go well. This simple and effective practice can bring a lot of happiness in your life and soon you will notice yourself to be capable enough of achieving big things, after all, it is true when they say that limitations only exist in one’s mind.


Exercising increases memory retention, improves attention, helps manage stress, and avoids depression, among other things. It’s harder to be nervous when you don’t have any extra energy, and exercise helps every part of your life, except from being tough and painful at times. So remain active and schedule time for self-care.

Work on Your Body Language

You might be the most satisfied person on earth but you need to work on showing confidence if you want others to perceive as a strong and self-sufficient person. Especially in professional life, confidence does earn you some big points. Consider someone you know who you see as highly self-assured. You undoubtedly sensed their confidence before they even started speaking when you first met them.

Because of the way they held themselves and walked, you could tell they were confident. They looked you in the eyes, shook your hand firmly, and stood tall. Now do a brief inventory of your physical condition. What is the state of your posture? Learn the key areas where you lack and you can always work on them to get better.

Set Boundaries

Something everyone should do. People are going to come and go. Some will be kind yet some will be grabbing every opportunity to violate you. This is where you need boundaries. Remember a good person is first and foremost kind to themselves then it comes to others. Make sure you have the ability to stand up for yourself.

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