7 Best Treks You cannot miss in Himachal Pradesh


Himachal Pradesh: Himachal’s valleys and perennial rivers are renowned for their 7 best walks. For nature lovers, it’s a wonderful mixture. It is at the foot of the Dhauladhar Range in the crib of the Western Himalayas. For those who loved to clamber up the mountains, Himachal provides numerous peaks.

One may totally request more, because of the stunning sight of orchids, pastures, and wetlands. There are plenty of walking opportunities, from short to lengthy hikes, from simple to challenging. There are several treks in the Himachal all year long. From April to June last summer months, the monsoon follows

The route, rail, and air are well connected. From Delhi to Himachal through Chandigarh, roads are good. Shimla, Una, and Dharamkot are railway stations. Flight connections to Shimla, Pathankot, and Kangra are available from Delhi.

The following lists of the 7 best Himachal Pradesh treks are as follows:

  1. Triund Trek

The trio is suitable both for beginners and for experienced trekking enthusiasts. This is a one-day walk with the entrance to higher hikes such as Kareri Sea. This walk begins in Mcleodganj, Dalai Lama’s Indian residence. The hike is around 9 km via Bhagsu/Dharamkot, 2 km ahead of Mcleodganj. On the road to Triund, one might visit the cascades of Bhagsunag and the Temple of Gallu Devi.

The Kangra Valley and the Guladhar Range are some of the most popular trekking routes in the area due to their modest complexity and excellent views. Over 3/4 of the walk is a slope, the last 1/4 is significantly more sloped. The optimal months for the Triund Trek are March to June and September to October. In December and January, it usually snows. The closest to Mcleodganj is Kangra airport or Pathankot railway station.

  1. Tosh Valley Trek

It is roughly 21 kilometers from Kasol to Tosh, a picturesque town in the Parvati Valley. From Kasol the Tosh journey begins. The walkway stretches along the Parvati River. In the Parvati Valley, Kasol is located. The rivulets unite with one of its affluents, the Tosh River. The walk leads to Pulga, followed by Tosh from Barshaini. Apple orchards surround Pulga. Kalga is another picturesque settlement near Pulga, too.

The Sikhs and Hindus are sacred to Manikaran, a pilgrimage by Tosh. Tourists and pilgrims both are popular in Manikaran at hot springs. A good period for the Tosh Valley Trek is from April to October.

  1. Kasol – Kheerganga Trek

The Valley of Parvati is beautiful. This exciting walk is an incredible way to experience it. For a lot of reasons, Kasol is famous and one of them is the Kheerganga Trek.

You’ll pass, among others, the Rudranag cascades on the route to the lovely green wetlands at Kheerganga, where you can pause before you move on. The terrain gets harder after the waterfall and Kheerganga take one hour. After reaching Kheerganga, you should first have a swim and rest in thermal springs!

  1. Solang Valley – Patalsu Peak

The starting point of the journey is Solang Valley. The apartment is located near Manali. The USP of Solang Valley is located among snow-capped mountains. It is known for the sports of adventure like zorbing, paragliding, etc. Skiing in the winter is Solang Valley bliss.

The one-day journey to the top of Patalsu is through the settlement of Solang. To reach Solang Village, the Beas River must be crossed. The proper combination of hilly paths, grasslands and forest add to the trekking enchantment. The hike is best regarded as moderate in its complexity.

  1. Kinnaur Kailash Trek

Now, let’s get a little harder on us! Kinnaur Kailash is a trek high. It’s a two to three days walk. For example, trekking, jogging, core/strength training, etc is recommended. preparation. It is classified as moderate to hard. It stands on the Indo-Tibetan border in the Kinnaur valley. He’s really famous for his apple vergers.

Kinnaur Kailash is amongst pilgrims of religious importance. The base camp for the trek is Tangling village. On the banks of the Satluj River, it’s a little town. The beautiful sights during the walk can be enjoyed completely. The connection between Shimla and Tangling through Kufri is decent.

  1. Prashar Lake Trek

The Prashar Lake Trek base camp is Kantu. It is classified as tough to moderate. It’s a trek for two days. The vistas from sunrise and sunset are known. Prashar Lake may be reached by car all year round, with the exception of the snowfall during winters. It snows usually between December and February.

Valley and forest trekking has its own appeal. The lake of Prashar is an island for recreation. The island moves over the water, it is reported. You could notice it moving if you were lucky. When it snows, the Prashar temple camouflage adjacent to the lake.

  1. Bhrigu Lake Trek

From Gulaba the Bhrigu Lake Trek begins. The distance between Manali and Gulaba is 20 odd Km. After crossing Kolang, Palchan, and Kothi, it is a hamlet on the way to the Rohtang Pass. It offers fascinating mountain and wildlife vistas. It’s a hike at high altitudes.

The endless wetlands of the Bhrigu Lake trip are delightful. On the climb up, you are welcomed by several streams. Trekking from Gulaba to Rola Kholi offers magnificent views over the valley of Manali and Solang.

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